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Sewer Waste Pump-Outs & Removal.

On large construction sites, it is common to have waste tanks under portable buildings, Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions provide programmed servicing of waste holding tanks and also offers an "ON DEMAND SERVICE"

We are also available on site when sewer line maintenance is in progress. Having our vacuum truck available to keep sewer levels low is priority when this type of maintenance is being carried out.

Our 12000 Litre capacity vacuum tanker is ideal for sewer transfer in high volume.

Septic Tanks & Aerobic System Emptied.

Aerobic systems and septic tanks need to be emptied on a regular basis.

Aerobic systems will be determined by the company that services your systems.

  • If you have a smell coming from your septic tank around your home

  • If your toilet and drains take longer to empty then usual or gurgle

  • It has been 3 - 4 years since your last service

Then it sounds like you need Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions to empty your tank.

Be sure to call us before it becomes an emergency, we have operators experienced in emptying your septic tank or sewer pit.

Portable Toilets Pumped Out.

Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions offer a pump out and can rechem toilets that are staying on-site. this includes clean, refill with water and pump out of the waste tank.

We can also pump out and drain your portable toilet prior to pick-up.

Pick-up and Delivery is no worries, Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions are able to pickup and deliver to site making your waste solution an easy task.

Our fleet comprises of new vehicles that are all equipped with the correct equipment to complete your job on-site in a manner you deserve.

Our purpose built trucks with an 8 metre reach crane are ready to deliver your portable toilets, pump them out or pick them up. 

Our services include portable toilet pump outs, cleaning, delivery and pick up if required. 

Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance.

Grease Traps are generated by cafe's, restaurants, shopping centre's and various other food related businesses.


Grease trap cleaning should be done on a regular basis depending on the size and business type.
These requirements are outlined by SA Water.

Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions can assist you with scheduled service maintenance so you can focus on your business...without the worry of blockage or overflow that can result in business downtime and additonal costs.

Let us service or clean your grease trap.

Oily Water Removal.

Oily Water Separators are used in various industries.

Regular oily water separator waste management includes servicing your tank every 3 - 6 months, depending on the type of volume. This usually involves removing accumulated waste from the tank.

This is a service Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions can offer on demand or when required.

Flood Water Emergencies.

Adelaide Liquid Waste Solutions can respond quickly to flooding of basements, sumps and drains. 


For moderate volumes of water, we can pump out an area that has been affected by rain or burst water supplies.


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